ATHA is continually looking to expand and further develop sites of historical and cultural significance throughout Prince George County. Learn more about the projects we are involved with and explore examples of successful partnerships.


National leaders of the Women’s Suffrage movement choose Hyattsville, Md as a rally location before delivering more than 75,000 pro-vote signatures to the US. Capital! That’s a feat of grassroots organizing. In Prince George’s County, we highlight 5 sites on a 50-minute bike route primarily via the Trolley Trail.


The Prince George’s County Civil Rights Trail is a public history project focused on regional sites and stories of the national Civil Rights Movement (1954-1964). Each story details the experiences of Black Marylanders as they fought against segregation and for equality. We recognize that this struggle continues and believe that by illuminating these moments in history, we can increase cultural understanding and inspire acts of reconciliation.


The Battle of Bladensburg is an infamous loss in U.S. military history and led to the burning of the Capitol dome in Washington, DC by British forces. To explore the history of the Battle of Bladensburg, we recommend walking or biking the remains of the battlefield starting at Bladensburg Waterfront Park.